Monday, May 12, 2014

Butt Plug Party - a Fantasy

Throwing a party where everyone is wearing a butt plug...

Love this gif loop!
One of the Google searches I do occasionally is "butt plug party." My fantasy is that someone would throw a party and everyone had to show up wearing a butt plug. Not only that, but they would have to wear pants with the back cut out, or chaps, or whatever would make the butt plug they were wearing visible to everyone else at the party. After that...the fantasy shuts down. I just don't know what to do with that image.

I wouldn't be up for an orgy. I wouldn't want anyone to pull my plug out (for various reasons, some of which might be visually unappealing).

I also think that some people might want to wear a butt plug to the party and then go off somewhere and have a masturbation session. Not that I would object to any of this for someone else at the party. I would just like to see all the people wearing butt plugs!

When the phrase "rock out with your cock out" is googled, we simply don't get any videos, images, or text about guys actually rocking out with their cocks out. So that also is a fantasy of mine. I would love to go to a party where all the guys had their cocks out of their pants, and the party would otherwise just be a party.

You see, this is a result of my biggest sexual organ, my brain. All physical sex and sexuality starts in the brain. In my case with a fantasy that I can lie awake at night thinking about (while plugged, of course) and fairly soon I've got a raging hard on. I guess that's the whole point for me. Think of something sexual, get hard, enjoy the erection, edge, add details to the fantasy...go flaccid...repeat.

However, if someone actually does throw a butt plug party. I want pictures. I want vids. Meanwhile, as I wait, I'll stay plugged.

I hope this video is not a repeat from any of my other posts. Still, guys, this is what the fabulous NJOY 2.0 stainless steel plug looks like. It weighs a pound. And yes, you can use it for long term wear...maybe even to a butt plug party, where you also rock out with your cock out.

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  1. If you put either of those parties together, let me know when and where! Just started looking through it, but love your blog.

  2. Thanks, sub hub.

    I've been plugged for over a year 24/7. It's my own little addiction. You ever want to discuss more just write to me.


  3. New to 24/7 plugging, and just found your blog, I'm using a 2 inch round headed stainless steel plug with 1 inch shaft and flared base. I also wear a stainless steel chastity belt 24/7 which I have done for over 5 years. pic:
    Love the idea of a buttplug party, but I'm in the UK!