Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Wear My Butt Plug Dry

Evolving Butt Plug Wearing...doing it dry

Here's what's for dinner!
Just wait till the wife gets home...

The advice we get from butt plug experts is to use plenty of lube when we wear a butt plug, to use silicone-based lube (because it won't dry out as quickly), and to relube often. While this is really good advice, which I've practiced over the course of my one-year, two-month stint of being plugged 24/7/365, I have lately discovered that I can wear my glass plug almost dry, and it feels different, more "there." More like I've got a hard dick in my ass.

Don't try this at home! If you're still using silicone plugs, ignore everything I'm about to tell you, except what I say about silicone plugs. Despite how slick and wonderful silicone-based plugs can feel, I would never go without plenty of lube. Ok. So to be very clear, the only plugs you can wear dry are metal and glass plugs. Or maybe I should say, the only plugs I can wear dry are metal and glass. My plugs are mostly glass. I have one medium NJOY stainless steel plug, but it's kind of like my teddy bear from when I was a novice plugger. Today and for the last five months, I've been plugged with an Icicles #14 glass plug. I changed to this one because it has the 1-inch diameter shaft. This is where the sheer fucking pleasure of wearing it dry comes in.

Now that's a glass plug!
The only reason I use any lube at all is to get the plug past the dry skin between my cheeks. Once the tip of the plug is poised at the anal opening the small drop of silicone-based lube serves to easily spread the sphincter as I slide that baby home. I know, the rectum doesn't produce any lube on its own. I know, something dry inside might do damage to the tissue. This is why I caution using glass or steel. On their own, they are very slick materials, and I can attest that when I pull the plug out, say to relieve gas or to see if I need to evacuate, my glass plug comes out easily and is usually coated with a cloudy sheen. I guess the rectum and the glass have worked together so long, now going on 10,000 hours being plugged that this sheen is all my rectum needs to stay healthy.

I can't believe how many times a day I say, "It feels soooo good!" I'm talking about how the plug feels keeping my sphincter open that one inch and never for a moment allowing me to forget I've got my plug inside.

Now I do exercise the plug in and out of my ass before I shower, and I use plenty of aloe vera gel to make the fucking action work easily. I give that baby a real workout. Then when I'm ready to shower, I take a wet cloth and clean out the anal opening of the excess aloe vera, and then with the plug still slightly moist from the remaining aloe, I slam my plug home, pull it into my ass with a good, hard clinch and step into the shower. You'd think that wearing a plug 24/7 for over a year I would grow tired of the maintenance and clean up and have times when wearing the plug was just too inconvenient. Well, yeah, on this inconvenient part, I've had a couple of events that caused a near crisis. But over all, as the weeks and months have passed, I find that I don't do nearly as much maintenance or even enemas as I did for the first six months or so. One secret is that I discovered the usefulness of Immodium tablets. I buy the WalMart equal brand. I studiously researched any long term effects of using this product daily and found the only proviso is that you can stay constipated too long. That's never a problem for me. I am regular...NOW...because of the Immodium and my diet. So there haven't been any crises wearing my plug out in public, and at home, well, I do "check" the status of my plug, but this is always a pleasure, kind of like feeling a cock slide out of my ass after being fucked. The only difference is the plug goes right back in and stays there doing its job.

Living plugged is probably not for everyone, nor even the kind of pleasure many men want. But living plugged for me is just a continually delicious feeling of comfort and satisfaction that I've come to be addicted to. It's like a baby's pacifier for my ass. There are other men who know just what I'm talking about. And as usual, just trying to express this is making me hard as I write. I just love having my glass plug in my ass.

Sometimes just watching a guy play gently with his ass is all we need…Nice closeup.

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  1. Thank you for this blog.

    I am not gay but have, for a while, been experimenting with butt plugs. I had worked my way up to a 45mm diameter rattler plug, although came up against the problem of a round base. In fact the base was also 45mm and I had to be careful it didn't try to sneak right inside with the plug!

    Anyway after years of searching I met a Mistress who was looking for a full time slave and have entered her service. I am on 6 months trial at the moment and all is going well.

    One of her stipulations was that she wanted me to wear a butt plug 24/7 (of course taking into account bodily functions). I tried a silicone plug without success and after trying several different plugs settled on the plug with a cock ring attached as wearing a cock ring was also a stipulation.

    Things were ok until I went outdoors when walking always seemed to cause a loose BM quite quickly. After a couple of accidents we tried Pampers for men and while this stopped the mess, it did not stop the odour. It was decided that I would have to remove the plug when going out but Mistress set me the task to find a solution.

    A search led me to your blog which both Mistress and I read with interest. You provided the answer of Immodium which was purchased today. I am going to try this and am hoping it will solve the problem and allow me to wear the plug 24/7 removing it only for BM's and cleaning.

    Thank you again for this blog. It is wonderful to know that 24/7 is possible.


    1. I hope you see my response. Yes, I have to watch what I eat and do enemas to get cleaned out before I am confident. But by far the ammonium is the most effective. I did research and there is no known long-term effects of using ammonium every day, which I have done now for at least two years.

  2. Hi! I love your blog and I was wondering if I could get some advice... I've been looking for a good butt plug for a while and I was wondering whether you could recommend one. I'm looking at wearing it mostly when I'm jerking off but would like to (comfortably) be able to wear it for a day or two when I'm feeling horny... I'm looking for something that will also stimulate my prostate... Is there a plug out there that will do that?

    Also: with the Njoy pure plugs - is sitting comfortable? Does the handle protrude so far that you can't sit fully down without pain?


  3. Hi Anon,
    Most men find the NJOY pure plug very comfortable, even sitting, and because of the unique design, you can wear the angled head toward the prostate while you're masturbating, and it will massage the prostate. For long-term wear (several hours or several days) if you wear the angled head away from the prostate, you won't over stimulate the prostate and you'll have the feeling of the plug riding around in your rectum. Believe me, sitting down on any of the three NJOY pure plugs is very comfortable. Now, I'm one of the exceptions. The base of the NJOY is an oval and the edges eventually begin digging into the tender skin around my anus. I have successfully worn the Prisms Devi glass plug and the Icicles #14 glass plug the most. In fact I have been continually plugged for fourteen months, 24/7 with no discomfort. The Devi and Icicles are shaped like the NJOY, except for the base. These two plugs have a ring base that sits between the butt cheeks like a coin in a slot. I now prefer the Icicles #14, however, because unlike the NJOY and the Devi, the shaft is a full one-inch in diameter and for long term wear, you get constant massaging of the sphincter, which is another erogenous region, but unlike overstimulation of the prostate, in the fourteen months I have been plugged, stimulation of the sphincter is very satisfying, sitting, standing, sleeping at night, and clinching off and on doing whatever I'm doing for a little added thrill.

    I hope this helps! And happy plugging!