Thursday, February 19, 2015

Butt Plugging—The Urge to Go Bigger

The Mancunt and Going Bigger

Today, I was reading about butt plug addiction from straight men who have gotten into butt plugging and anal stretching and in one forum, the guys were talking about the urge to go bigger and bigger as a kind of anal addiction.

I know exactly how this guy feels. He's in the throes
of a masturbation session and there's just no limit...
I make no judgments at all about this urge, and I certainly don't mind watching videos of guys sitting down on plugs and dildos that defy description. But I do have to approach this subject with a bit of humor, which echoes the lament of one of the guys who fears he has stretched his hole so much that he says it looks like a vagina. Well...yeah it could. But I laughed aloud when he lamented "...when a fart is not a fart." I've had that experience, even when I wasn't living plugged. Or the comedian's story about when he was sick with the flu and was on a plane and says his condition was such that he was "afraid to fart."

Definitely looks something like a vagina, and many
men refer to it as their man cunt...
These are the consequences and some men, both gay and straight (but I would also suspect men who are single and continually up their game when they masturbate) keep looking for more intense thrills. When it involves anal play as part of the hours long masturbation sessions, I can see how you get to the point where you just want to keep stretching that manhole and going bigger and deeper. I don't want to do that. As I've said before, I'm a vanilla kind of plugger and I'll stick with my two-inch diameter plug that sits comfortably inside my rectum.

He's Ready.
I also know that there are times when I wish I did have a bigger plug, when everything is working on all cylinders, and I could stick a much bigger plug in my ass. Today is one of those days. My glass plug is sitting inside me real snug, with the ring base pressed against the opening and pushing against the sphincter, and the sphincter is wrapped very tightly around the shaft, and the plug head is in there solid where it wants to stay. I've been getting erections all day. But I'm not going out and buying any more plugs. I really don't want to worry about becoming incontinent over the long term. But again, part of why I plug is to live with a plug in my ass, not to work the hole into a state that's ready to receive a cock or a dildo or a fist. Nonetheless, there's something fascinating about watching vids of things like that.

You get a pretty good view of this ruined mancunt’s face, and you see his hole is open.

in love with my huge cunt exhaust powered by XTube

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