Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tunnel Plugs, Regular Butt Plugs, and Regularity

Let's Stay Regular

All of what I talk about in this blog is my own experience. I'm not an expert by any means, but I have successfully stayed plugged close to 24/7/365 x 2. That's right, by the end of March 2015, I will have lived plugged for two whole years, and even four months prior to that when I first began using a butt plug almost daily.

Over these two years, I've discovered that the best way to be, as concerns BMs is to stay regular, and for some of us that's a damned near impossible task. So, I've opted for staying somewhat constipated and can depend on a good, solid BM every two days. There's less clean up that way, fewer BMs, and far fewer crises while out in public to manage. Look. If you're slightly constipated, you can keep a plug in without much discomfort. I'm not talking about severe constipation, the kind that makes you feel lethargic or is painful. It's physically impossible to do a total clean out of the old pipes and stay that way for long. One of the functions of digestion and elimination is that it goes on continually.

A friend of mine uses a tunnel plug, an MEO, which is about two inches in diameter, and it holds the butt hole OPEN. He could not wear such a device if he wasn't somewhat slow to have BMS. For him, it's keeping that hole stretched and his anus open to the air. Yep, that red area inside the plug is the inside of the guy's ass. Just imagine, however, how it would be a sure-fire disaster with a dirty rectum, loose bowels, etc.
To use one of these, it would seem to me, even after a good clean out you'd have to find a way to be slightly constipated.

This is NOT a tunnel plug (I don't think). I included
it because I just love how sexy it looks.
In fact, what prompted me to write today's post is what I am currently experiencing. I had a good clean out twenty-four hours...well...thirty-six hours ago, and after doing a clear water enema to get all the residue out, I plugged with my Icicles #14, and since then, even though I have eaten three meals, I've been able to stay plugged with a minimum amount of maintenance. I know that I am constipated and anticipate having a BM later into the evening, which will of course clean me out and allow me to sleep with the plug in all night. I'm a little more constipated than usual, which is why I've been continually plugged for 36 hours. If feels very nice, right now, and just the slightest exertion on sticking my rear end out, I get a nice solid twinge in my rectum, as well as feeling the sphincter tighten around the shaft of the plug. With a tunnel plug, the intensity would be even greater. The sphincter is being held open and you have an airy feeling in your rear end. You can also run your finger inside your rectum and toy with the nice pink flesh inside.

I'm not into Scat in any way and I really don't like to deal with the clean up when...well...you know. As mammals, we all have to deal with it. But living plugged shouldn't be a problem. The way I look at it, the plug doesn't contribute to either condition, either of having loose bowels or being constipated, so I might as well stay plugged, as long as there's no discomfort.

My MEO friend says that he's so used to having the tunnel plug in his ass, that his butt skin gets irritated without the plug, because of it rubbing against itself. The plug prevents the skin from rubbing. I feel the same way. The ring base on my plug keeps my butt cheeks slightly apart, and the shaft of my plug keeps my sphincter open and tightened around the shaft. I can fart around the plug, but in all other ways, my hole is plugged solid, and it feels soooo good. Yes, I stay half-hard every time I write a post on this blog.

Now this is a cleaned out intestine and rectum...

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