Friday, July 19, 2013

A Movie, Popcorn, Cold Drink, and My Buttplug

Butt Plugging to The Lone Ranger

Johnny Depp makes an excellent Tonto, but since the movie was a little too long, a little too odd, my butt plug made it all much more enjoyable.  Since I lived plugged at home and in public I didn't have to do much to prepare for the almost three hour movie except check my cleaned out state before going to the movie. I didn't want to be uncomfortable as I sat there and didn't want to have to take care of any business in the public restroom. It all went beautifully, and I found I could distract myself from parts of the movie that went on a little too long by simply shifting in my seat and clinching, feeling my sphincter close around the shaft and the nice big 2-inch diameter "egg" pushed against the rectal walls.

For long-term plugging, I turn the P-spot angle toward the back, so that my prostate is not continually massaged. That's why I like those angled plugs like the NJOY Pure Plug and my Devi Glass Plug. For me sitting for long periods is more comfortable with the ring, rather than the NJOY oval base, but you have to admit how hot the NJOY looks in a guy's butt. And straight guys might like the way it looks in their GF or Wife's butt. A friend and fellow plugger sent me this hot picture of his NJOY...enjoy! Any of you reading this while you're plugged can just clinch to see how this is feeling in the picture. Now imagine taking your hands and spreading your butt cheeks, as you slowly lower yourself onto a chair or a harder surface and feel that baby get pushed against the sphincter. With my glass plug, which has a 3/4 inch shaft, the sphincter gets a better stimulating effect than the narrower NJOY shaft, but I'm sure there are plugs that guys use for really stretching things out that would add even more intensity to sitting and shifting around.

As far as my goal of living plugged, I said earlier that I didn't intend to keep an update on this blog of how long I could go without breaking my plugging 24/7. I made it to twenty days and three hours, but because of bad food choices I had to back off. I also noticed that I got butt weary from doing too many enemas; so I'm learning as I go. I can stay plugged all day if I watch what I eat the night before and don't eat foods for breakfast that tend to "run" through my system. But another fellow plugger and friend suggested that I not feel like I'd failed in my goal of living plugged even if I did have to take a break now and then. And he's right. Part of living plugged is to enjoy the experience as continuously as possible.

I was also inspired by a post on a health forum the other day. It was from the grandson of a 90 year old grandfather who had to confide in his grandson that his glass butt plug that he'd had since 1958 had broken and he needed another one, because it helped him have bowel movements. Guys, that's 55 years of continual butt plugging! And if you google the history and use of butt plugs, you will see that doctors had devised anal plugs much earlier than you might imagine. So I doubt that the story of the 98 year-old grandfather was made up. I also suspect that the grandfather had to derive a great deal of pleasure from wearing his plug, especially if it was part of his life for 55 years.

Tranny uses inflatable butt plug.

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