Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Custom Made Butt Plugs

The Glass Blowing Artists

This is an appreciation shout out to all the artists in the glass blowing arts who help us dedicated butt pluggers create new designs. In the seven months since I've been using metal and glass butt plugs, I have a growing appreciation for the art and dedication it takes from artisans to create beautiful and functional butt plugs. Passion Glass is one of these companies. The link I have provided here takes you directly to the page where you can read about how to submit your butt plug design to the company and what to expect in the creation process. I have personally not used this resource yet, but when I do, I will take the Devi Glass Plug prototype (which is also the same as the njoy pure plug design—except for the base) and have the company attempt to make a larger version. Why mess with perfection (as the Devi Glass plug is perfect) and try to "improve" on it? Well, I could use a 2.25 inch egg and a 1.25 inch shaft. I want a little more stretch of the sphincter.

Even though I still say I'm not into stretching and "gaping" I've found that I do want to expand just a little. Now that I've been plugged almost continuously for several months (no not 24 hours a day), I have days where everything just comes together, when my ass is "in the pink" so to speak, and I feel like I could use a bigger plug inside. If you're just getting started on living plugged, or attempting to, or wanting to keep a plug in your butt as much as possible, what I've discovered is that what used to be the pain barrier—the point where to push it further causes pain and sweating and shaking and frustration—has now become the pleasure center. It's focused right there in the anal opening, and every nerve in my body is quivering with intense pleasure for that extra little push, and I can feel the slick glass going in.

And I would like to push the envelope some days, which is why I would like the same design of glass plug I have now, but just a tad bigger egg and shaft.

Any reader of this blog are welcome to tell the rest of us about his custom made plugs, where he got them, and any other details. Let's not hear from those who had a bad experience. While this might be useful to know, I want to hear from those who were successful in getting a well made custom plug. We all have different tastes in our favorite plugs, and we all have our own desires.

Guys, sit back, relax, and enjoy this hunk for eighteen minutes in a good masturbation session, made better with a classic butt plug:

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  1. I have been pleased with "custom" pyrex plugs from glassreign on Ebay or ETSY. However, she cannot build to EXACT spec. These with a narrow stem and larger pear-shaped head can be worn all day without a harness. I have some issues removing the larger one. I have sent some pix and perhaps they will be posted.

    I have also bought a custom steel plug from gotdirt on Ebay. I wear that at night; it will slip out during the day unless worn with a harness.

    I already have quite a collection. I like change.

    I am a bit disappointed with the dunwa balls. Oh, they feel wonderful and stay in as long as you want. However, they don't make enough noise to be audible. I hear the same is true of the "rattler".