Sunday, July 14, 2013

Farm Boys Revisited

Sowing My Seed

Other than being plugged as I write this, this post isn't about plugging. I'm going to revisit my youth, growing up on a farm. As I said in an earlier post, from my experience most of the farm boys I grew up around were just about as obsessed with sex and their cocks as I was. We were cotton farmers in a hot part of the country, but not the south. As anyone might guess there's farming throughout the U.S. and in the southern part of the state where we had our family farm, my father was friends with the owner of one of the cotton gins. I think back on the two boys from that family and the opportunities I squandered (as far as having sex with boys goes). When our family visited their family (once they moved to a different state) it was quite natural in those close knit farming families that us three boys shared the same bed, and those two boys took advantage of having me in the middle. I helped them jack off, once they had taught me how to do it, and from those visits, even though I learned a lot of misinformation about things sexual jacking off was the best thing I learned.

I literally whacked off everywhere on the farm, and it was a big enough place that I could be alone five minutes after I left the house. So I must've masturbated several times a day, every day and of course had my dick out of my pants almost everywhere I went on the farm. I squirted my cum in the cow barn, the pig pens, the corn bin, the haystack, all around the irrigation pond; I jacked off on the tractor when I was plowing. I came in the irrigation ditch and watched my seed coagulate in the cold water and float downstream toward the cotton fields. I splashed it on the cotton plants, the beans, the corn, on the road between fields. I shot my wad from my bicycle as I rode around the fields or out in the desert. I masturbated in the cotton trailer on the fluffy white cotton, while Dad made the rounds in the cotton picker for another load. And the thing is, so did the other boys on neighboring farms. When we got together for a skinny dip in one of the irrigation ponds, the first thing we did was get hardons and compare sizes. We compared our cut and uncut cocks with each other.

And so it went. Of course, most of the guys had to bring up having sex with girls, which for some reason didn't appeal to me, but it wasn't until I was in high school that i realized I had crushes on boys, and so my jackoff sessions took on a different sort of edge on the farm. But it's true, when you're isolated and everyone is just as ignorant as you are about most things sexual, my fantasies we're not very specific when i realized that sex and boys went together in my mind.

Anyway, my healthy life and body probably sowed a thin layer of cum over all those acres, and it is with fondness that I recall those young teen years on the farm.

There's a rain coming tonight, and it's unusual for this part of the country. Out here in the southwest, when it rains the raindrops are very cold, and it's a real thrill to go out naked and dance in the rain, like it was on the farm; but for that kind of activity, I had to wait until everyone in the house was asleep. I could slip out of my bedroom and sneak off toward the fields. As you might imagine though this was not the usual carefree times, though. The rain could get my father up...we were farmers. You checked on things in a downpour, and could have easily caught me or discovered I wasn't in bed, since he would probably need me to go out with him to make sure we had tarps over things we didn't want to get wet.

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